First real Formaldéhyde detector by


Of strokes are due to air pollution
Respiratory allergies have increased 10-times in 40 years.
Of premature deaths per year are related to poor air quality.


To detect formaldehyde Ethera has been developing professional solutions for several years. Many schools and nurseries use NEMo air analysis stations to ensure good air quality.

Today, Ethera makes this technology accessible to the general public thanks to a Feel’air reading card and box R-check allowing a fast reading of the formaldehyde concentration.

In addition to formaldehyde, it is possible to know its concentration of fine particles (PM), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), humidity and temperature.


Why formaldehyde ?

Formaldehyde is the most important parameter to follow in Indoor air quality because, this compound is everywhere in furniture and it's classified carcinogenic by WHO.

Formaldehyde is same than COV ?

Formaldehyde is a COV but very volatile and difficult to trap with filter or destroy by treatment. All COV are not toxic but formaldehyde is carcinogenique. 



In one hour discover your indoor air formaldehyde concentration

  • R-check gives several IAQ parameters. For fomaldehyde, a Feel’air card is necessary.
  • Feel’Air gives formaldehyde concentration in 24h. R-check boosts analysis and give the result in 1 hour !
  • Results are achived and available on Feel’Air mobile application.


Formaldehyde measurement

Only one way to follow formaldehyde. Mobile app gives also good advises if bas results are showed.

Bluetooth connection

Connect R-check to your mobile to take pictures of the carde for formaldehyde reading and see measurement results.

5 IAQ parameters

Check formaldehyde (with Feel'air card), COV, PM, temperature, pressure to take good choice and increase IAQ quality.


UNIQUE technology Sol/gel

Unique patented technology using sol/gel nanoporous material to detect volitile compounds. 

UNIQUE Mobile Application to evaluate concentration

Mobile App available on Apple and Androîd stores with unique design. Smartphone camera is used to analyze yellow color increasing during the time and correlate with formaldehyde concentration.

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